Outdoor Ceremony Courtyard
Indoor Reception Space
Warming Kitchen
2 spacious dressing room
Private patio for the couple

Be one of the first weddings in this new garden wedding venue


Up to 175 Guests
Tables/Chairs included
Open vendor policy
ADA Accessible 
Firepit & yard games

Mid-Century Modern | Natural Oasis | One-of-a-kind


Saturday 10 am - 11 pm

Friday 10 am - 11 pm

Sunday 10 am - 11 pm

Weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
10 am - 11 pm

Simple & Transparent Pricing

All Weddings Require a $500 Damage Deposit & subject to applicable Sales Tax.

Monthly Payment Options are available at no extra charge

Digital Rendering

If love our vibe but need a lower priced alternative, check out our outdoor, open-air Venue - Juniper Gardens: Fieldstone

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ReAdy To Book?

Yes, we reserve Wednesdays to be able to host rehearsals and other walk throughs. 

Can we do a Rehearsal Onsite?

Yes, we do allow alcohol and bar services!

Is alcohol allowed?

We not only include the tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception, we will also be offering some unique decor items too! Please note, this will not be enough decor to decorate full weddings.

Is there any decor included?

Absolutely, our large reception space has room to hold the ceremony and reception both indoors. Our large accordion folding doors will also offer the best indoor/outdoor space and be able to let the breeze in on nice days too!

Can Ceremonies be held indoors?

We will be completing construction summer of 2024 and will be ready for our first weddings in September 2024. Be ready to celebrate with us at our grand opening party in August!

When will construction be completed?

common Questions

After booking, can we come back out?

Of course, we will be hosting regular open houses for you to see the construction progress. And we can also set up private times as well. We also send out a monthly email update on where we are in the construction. As we get closer to construction completion there will be times you can test decor out and get a better feel for the layout. 

Are there nearby Accommodations? 

Yes, there is an Airbnb just 2 doors down from the venue plus several other options within 10 minutes of the venue. The nearest hotel is about 20 minutes away. 


Juniper Gardens: Hillside
Artist Renderings

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A vEnue mAde For...


Nature Lovers

Modern Couples

Disco Dancers

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