Hosting Garden Weddings For Nature Lovers

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Hosting Garden Weddings for Nature Lovers

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Environmental Commitment

Here at Juniper Gardens, we have a commitment to the land and the nature around us. Even as we constructed the venue, we made the best choices we could for the environment. We had to remove 13 trees for the building site, mostly Eastern Red Cedar, and more than 13 trees were replanted around the property that were more desirable for the local ecosystem – including river birch, yellow twig dogwood, witchhazel, amongst many others. We recognize what this land has offered us and want to give back every chance we get. Along with our landscaping choices, we reduce the energy use without sacrificing the quality of the events hosted here.

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Other ways we make environmentally-friendly decisions:

  • Natural Glade Restoration Project
  • Monarch Waystation (Learn more about the program here.)
  • Low-flow toilets
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Eradicating invasive plant species
  • Deer-friendly landscaping
  • Organically-approved pesticides, only used when no other option is viable
  • Create food sources and shelter for pollinators
  • Composting available onsite
  • Stone pavilion floors improve water run-off, and reduced carbon-emissions compared to concrete flooring
  • Mini-split HVAC units. They are more efficient and environmentally friendly and can also improve indoor air quality when compared the ducted systems.
Woodsy gathering for nontraditional wedding

April 30, 2022

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Hosting Garden Weddings for Nature Lovers

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