Hosting Garden Weddings For Nature Lovers

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Hosting Garden Weddings for Nature Lovers

Juniper Gardens



Outdoor Wedding and Event Venue, 20 minutes from Springfield, MO

Our outdoor space was made to be the perfect place for your next event; whether it be a corporate events or the dream wedding. Our outdoor event space is a beautiful setting with multiple ceremony site options, fire pits, intimate setting away from the chaos of the city, and panoramic views of the stars into the night. This isn’t a rustic barn, but a modern take on the nostalgia of the old national parks with a mid-century modern flair. Whether it’s a larger events or smaller events, this is a flexible meeting space that can be crafted to fit the needs and styles of each event.

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Our 20 ft tall fireplace chimney is the ideal setting for wedding ceremonies and includes bench seating for over 100 guests. This fireplace has been decorated in so many beautiful ways to reflect the style of the event and the values of each couple. My favorite styles have either kept it really ceremony with a small fire going during the ceremony and a mirror on the mantle, or others have had candles in the fireplace with gigantic flower arrangements going up the mantle. While this fireplace isn’t as old as it appears, we had it built because I was drawn to the rich history of the chimneys I found on so many local hiking trails. I loved thinking about how these fireplaces have outlasted the houses and everything else around it, and nature had just grown with it. I like to think that the marriages that start at this fireplace will also stand that test of time.

After the first year of hosting events, I decided to take the leap and add on another level of magic to Juniper Gardens with a Treehouse. The treehouse will be available for 2023 events, and will be used as a dressing room and accommodations. This project is making my outdoor-loving inner-child with fun features like it’s own fire pit, outdoor shower, and private spaces to relax. I wanted to create more spaces for those intimate and quiet moments during the day to connect with friends and loved ones.

We may be known for our natural light and beautiful gardens, but we hope guests take the time to enjoy each special event by slowing down, relaxing into the day, and connecting with those around them. It’s a place for connection and community whether it’s a wedding reception or another private event. Our outdoor area has plenty of room for yard games, relaxing by the fire pits, and unique spaces for photo ops. You may even get lucky to have the flowers in the rose garden in bloom to be the perfect photo backdrop.

Our unique settings make for the ideal venue for a garden wedding, birthday parties, book launch parties, business meetings, engagement party, networking events, and any other special day. We love to host all kinds of events!

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For those that use Juniper Gardens for their wedding day, cocktail hour, reception, and accommodations for the couple, have enjoyed that we still have 3,600 square feet of space under the pavilion keeping guests and their seated dinners in the shade and under our industrial fans. Juniper Gardens is a great venue to have the best of an outdoor event, much like the idyllic event in a loved one’s back yard but without the hassle of renting a tent, tables/chairs, bathrooms, and finding a place for everyone to park.

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Nervous about an outdoor event?

It’s normal when looking at unique venues to have concerns about the weather and finding the perfect time for your event. Here are a few quick tips for making the most of an outdoor event:

  • In the hotter months, opt for a later start time. By later, I mean around 7 pm or so, a lot of weddings tend to start around 4 pm putting guests out in the heat of the day. Having the later start time has a few benefits because there will be a softer light while the couple exchange vows, and may also help budget conscience couples save money to only serve appetizers/dessert instead of a full seated dinner.
  • Create large batch mocktails for guests to enjoy. This can be a fun way to help make sure guests stay hydrated whether alcohol is served or not at the event.
  • Pick just a few spots to focus on decorating to really have a bigger impact with the budget, and just allow the beauty of the outdoor space speak for itself. The perfect spot to decorate may just be the ceremony site, the guest signing book, and the food table. Keep it simple!
  • Wedding ceremonies should be mindful of the sun location at the time of the ceremony to make sure guests aren’t blinded by the sun and distracted by the ceremony.
  • Have activities planned! Cornhole, s’mores at the bonfire, a walk around the hiking trail and down to the pond, table games, and dancing are always popular options!
  • Don’t worry about sticking to traditions and just stick to what works best for you. Wanting outdoor options for your event is already a less traditional choice, and take that as permission to keep doing what is best for you and have a type of event that reflects your dreams.

Why Should You Book Juniper Gardens for Your Outdoor Event?

I like to believe we have cultivated a space that makes guests feel like they’re in a whole other world – where they can get lost gazing at the stars or watching the butterflies bounce from bloom to bloom. We’re away from the chaos of the day-to-day, but offer multiple ceremony sites, modern bathrooms, a large covered pavilion, accommodations in our luxury treehouse, and endless photo opportunities. What we lack in all white walls, we make up for with natural backdrops with our gardens for a wedding ceremony, reception, and beyond.

The best way to experience the space is in person. Send us an inquiry to schedule a time for a tour.

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LGBT couple running through field in outdoor elopement ceremony

August 30, 2022

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Hosting Garden Weddings for Nature Lovers

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