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12 Date Night Ideas

We are sharing date nights ideas because quality date nights are important to give couples the chance to reconnect and appreciate each other without the usual distractions of everyday life. It allows partners to focus on each other, build intimacy, and strengthen their relationship. Date nights also provide an opportunity to try something new and exciting, which can help to keep the spark alive.

The great date night ideas here work for a variety of budgets and styles but each idea aims to bring you and your partner together for a great time and quality time right here in southwest Missouri. And whatever adventure you chose make sure you pack a camera to capture your outdoor activities, new hobbies, your new favorite place, and the time spent with those you love.

Evening by the fire can be one of many great date night ideas
Relaxed evening by the fire. Photo by Rhiannon Brown Photography.

Date Night Ideas

1. A Romantic Picnic on the Finley River: Have a romantic picnic with your loved one on the banks of the Finley River. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, the river and the wildlife.

This idea is the perfect place for budget friendly option! And if you’re wanting a bit more activity for this spot – plan a scavenger hunt and make sure you hit the snack bar on the way there. Other wonderful parks to check out are the mizumoto japanese stroll garden at nathanael greene park / close memorial park, butterfly house, and so many more in the springfield area. Always pack good food and visit the beautiful garden wherever you go.

2. A Horseback Ride in the Ozarks: Enjoy the beauty of the Ozark Mountains with a horseback ride through the hills and valleys.

This is an excellent choice for warm weather, sunset views, and just enjoying a slow pace taking in the breathtaking Ozarks scenery. This wonderful time together to experience a something new or a new trail together.

3. A Night of Stargazing: Take your loved one to catch a glimpse of the stars in the night sky. You can bring blankets and snacks and just enjoy the moment.

Another budget friendly option! And if you are wanting a perfect way to get to see the stars even closer plan a trip to one of the Baker Observatories open observation nights. They recommend having a red flashlight handy for this! This is the best place for stargazing in the Springfield area. Baker Observatory is only 4 miles from Juniper Gardens too.

4. A Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Valley: Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Ozark Valley and the green hills.

This would be a night to never forget to gently float over the Ozarks and get to see all of the best things at once. This is truly a private event experience that would be perfect for an engagement proposal too! Some couples prefer a small road trip to Branson, MO for these Hot Air Balloon rides but its an easy drive with some of the best fall foliage colors to see.

5. A Day of Fun at Fantastic Caverns: Explore the underground world of Fantastic Caverns and have fun with a day of adventure.

During the hottest days of summer (or any time of year) you can escape the heat for a good time under ground! Fantastic Caverns includes a Jeep ride through the cave, but if you are looking for a more rustic walking trail cave experience – check out the Smallin Civil War Cave.

6. A Movie Night at the Moxie Cinema: Watch a movie at the Moxie Cinema in downtown Springfield. Enjoy a night of fun with your loved one.

The Moxie Cinema is a community-supported theatre – the moxie cinema plays unique, independent, short films, and foreign films that can spark great conversations. It’s convenient downtown Springfield location means it has a great proximity to local bars and eateries to discuss your favorite parts of the films. We recommend checking out Vantage’s Rooftop lounge for their fire pits and in the winter the private igloos for a cozy spot with a great drink.

7. Have a throw-back night at fun acres miniature golf, springfield skateland, or arcade games at 1984. Enjoy this time of nostalgia and simplicity that take you back to your favorite moments in childhood.

This can also be fun for the whole family if there is a last minute babysitter cancellation and you don’t want that to spoil your fun!

8. A Day of Shopping on Historic C-Street: Take your loved one for a day of shopping on the historic C-Street. You can explore the interesting shops and find unique items.

C-Street is a wonderful spot to shop with local businesses, local artists, visit local bars, and discover your new place for dinner – such as Pizza House. This street has so much to offer including getting your own locally grown produce while you’re shopping make sure you go during the Farmer’s Market hours. It truly has a little bit of everything!

9. A Trip to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield: Take your loved one on a trip to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield and learn some history of the area.

Take the walking trail and stop by the visitors center to make sure you’re capturing all the wonderful historic details of our own Civil War museum. Many exhibits deserve a closer look at the history made right here in our area.

10. A Night at the Springfield Symphony: Enjoy a night of classical music at the Springfield Symphony. It’s a great way to show your love for music and your loved one.

Live music is always a good idea whether it’s the Symphony for a more classical experience or live music at the Gillioz Theatre for a rotation of great musicians and other shows.

11. A Trip to the Jordan Valley Ice Park: Take your loved one on a trip to the Jordan Valley Ice Park. Enjoy a day of fun with ice skating, hockey and more.

A fun place to learn a new skill or just enjoy watching a hockey game in a fun atmosphere that is sure to leave you with a new hobby.

12. A Day at the Springfield Art Museum: Take your loved one to the Springfield Art Museum and take in some of the wonderful art that the city has to offer.

Springfield has a wonderful art museum with plans to make it even better! This date night option will become more and more of a great spot for your date nights as they grow and expand – making this a perfect candidate for a tradition. The next date night as new and exciting as the last.

These date night ideas aim to bring you closer to your partner! Whether you are planning your wedding or have been married for many years, you need to make regular date nights a regular part of your lives.

December 18, 2022

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