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Best Ideas: Wedding Gift Table

Wedding gift tables have been a big topic of discussion over the last two years we have been hosting weddings. Mostly because trends change and physical gifts have become less and less common – and more people opt for a simple gift card or cash. Nothing wrong with that! However it makes it a little more difficult to make a beautiful gift table for your guests to see as they enter your wedding. For the best wedding gift table ideas, we have collected photos and a few tips from our past weddings!

Wedding gift tables serve as a central point for guests to express their well wishes and present their thoughtful tokens of love and support to the newlywed couple. While they may seem like a simple element of wedding decor, gift tables play a significant role in creating a welcoming and organized space for guests to leave their presents. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of wedding gift tables and provide practical tips to help you design an elegant and functional display that enhances the overall wedding experience.

The Significance of Gift Tables: Gift tables serve as a designated area where guests can place their wedding gifts, cards, and well wishes for the couple. They symbolize the generosity and love shared by family and friends on this special day. Moreover, gift tables provide a convenient and secure space for guests to leave their presents, allowing the couple and their loved ones to focus on celebrating and enjoying the festivities.

Photo: Alyson Kay Photography

Simplistic card and gift table on a round table with matching table cloth using card shadow box.

Photo by Taylor Jean Photography

Lots of vintage details! Vintage kitchen table with an old letter organizer to hold cards, and handmade bench to sign as a guest book.

Photo by Tatyana Zadoran

Simple and modern gift table using the bride’s entry table from her home and a couple matching wire baskets for collecting cards and disposable cameras.

Wedding Gift Table: Location and Style

Choosing the Right Location: Selecting the ideal location for your welcome table and gift table is crucial. It should be easily accessible and visible to guests, ensuring they can easily locate and drop off their gifts. Place the table in a high-traffic area, such as the entrance to the reception venue or near the guestbook table, to maximize convenience and visibility. Be sure to add your wedding decorations to this table as well as a beautiful way to continue the theme throughout the wedding day.

Designing a Stylish Display: Your gift table can be more than just a utilitarian setup; it can be an elegant focal point that enhances your wedding decor. Consider incorporating elements that complement your overall theme, such as table linens, floral arrangements, and signage that reflect your wedding style. From rustic charm to modern sophistication, infuse your personal touch to make the gift table a visually appealing part of your wedding ambiance.

You can also incorporate more fun elements to this table as well, by making this table the start to a fun scavenger hunt to take place over cocktail hour or other creative ways to start the festivities and theme to go until the end of the night. And good news, even if you are having a smaller wedding or on a tight budget you can decorate with a simple design or make the space multifunctional throughout your big day.

Wedding Gift Table: Essentials

Photo of Gift Table by Ally Jeppsen Photography

Ensure you have all the essential items on the gift table to facilitate a smooth process for guests. These include a card box or basket to hold greeting cards, a pen for guests to sign their names or leave messages, and a guestbook where attendees can share their well wishes. Providing clear instructions or signage can also help guests understand where to place their gifts and cards. We have seen our fair share of weddings that have forgotten signage or a basket/box to hold cards, and it’s worked out! But if you can prepare ahead of time you will save your guests from wondering or placing cards in the wrong location that may get lost in the evening clean up. Check out these affiliate links for some beautiful ideas too: Gold Glass Card box, Acrylic Cards & Gift Sign set, Customizable modern Welcome Sign, and Easel.

Leading up to the wedding, you may have set up a wedding gift registry. However, in today’s digital age, many couples opt for alternative gift registry options. Include a small sign or note on the gift table that directs guests to any online registries, honeymoon funds, or charitable donations you may have set up in addition to what has been communicated leading up to the wedding. This way, guests who prefer to contribute in a non-traditional way can easily find the information they need. If including an alternative gift registry, you may also want a smaller gift table too!

Wedding Gift Table Checklist:

  • Ensure there is a gift table, either provided by the venue, rented or brought along
    • Love your grandma’s antique sewing machine table? This would make a beautiful card table
    • If you need long tables for your gift table, use your beloved dining table!
    • Put the table in a visible location.
  • If the guest book will occupy the same space, ensure it is large enough to comfortably fit guests signing your guest book and also dropping cards and gifts. 
  • A sign as an easy way to reassure guests that they are putting their gifts or place cards in the right spot
  • Add elements of your color schemeto the table to help tie in the table to the rest of the wedding style
    • This can be done with table cloth, extra runner fabric, floral setting and other ways to tie into the wedding theme
  •  A basket or box to collect cards. Simple things such as a wooden crate or a wooden basket from the thrift store can be affordable and a great option! 

Best way to wow your guests is to allow the table to do double duty with a fun and unique escort cards too to really start their evening 

Things to Remember

Photo by MMH Photography. Unique gift table set up with vintage suitcase.

Security and Tracking: The part no one wants to think about when they are headed to the dance floor, is the security of your gifts. Wedding gift tables should prioritize the security and tracking of the presents, even if it’s a backyard wedding. Consider placing a trusted friend or family member near the table to monitor the area and ensure gifts are not misplaced or mishandled. It’s also wise to assign someone to gather and transport the gifts to a secure location at the end of the event, preventing any potential loss or confusion.

Gratitude and Thank You Notes: We can’t talk about the gift table without talking about what happens after – Thank you cards! Expressing gratitude for your wedding guests is an essential part of the wedding gift table experience. Make sure to set aside time a few weeks after the wedding for thank you notes. With tools like Canva, Vistaprint, and many similar services you can now easily have custom thank you notes made with some of your wedding photos, and further personalize with a quick handwritten message. It’s a great way to show appreciation to your guests while still taking some time to relax and soak in the new married life. 


Wedding gift tables provide a focal point for guests to present their heartfelt gifts and messages of love to the newlywed couple. By carefully planning the location, design, and logistics of your gift table, you can create an organized and visually pleasing display that enhances the overall wedding experience. Remember to prioritize security, provide clear instructions, and express gratitude to make your gift table a seamless and meaningful part of your special day.

July 17, 2023

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