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Art Deco Meets Garden Wedding of Your Dreams

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, style, and individuality. If you’re looking to combine timeless elegance with the natural beauty of a garden setting, an Art Deco-inspired garden wedding may be the perfect choice for you. This stunning fusion of classic glamour and blooming romance creates an unforgettable ambiance that will leave your guests in awe. We’ll explore how to create an Art Deco meets garden wedding, weaving together the opulence of the 1920s with the enchantment of a picturesque garden backdrop. These two themes are a perfect complement for open aire affairs and a glamorous wedding!

Art Deco Meets Garden – Invitations

Creating this Art Deco Meets Garden Wedding – starts with the art deco wedding invitations! We have been so inspired by these from Basic Invite, they offer wedding invitation that stick closer to the Art Deco style with bold geometric shapes and art nouveau styles – which allows you to add those dreamy garden engagement photos to pull the two styles together.

BasicInvite has a whole suite of styles for not just the save the dates, invites, but the wedding shower too since it will be nice to have them all match the art deco elegance and vintage fonts throughout your celebrations. Additionally, Basic Invite offers unlimited colors on their invitations, and over 40-different envelope colors to pick from to get it just right for your style, as well as an Address Capturing Service to make the invite process easier on you too. With this wedding theme you will definitely want to take advantage of the gold foil on the invites, even though they have a few real foil options!

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 

Art Deco Meets Garden – Color Scheme 

Gold Art Deco Garden Wedding
Lily Sky Photography

Keep the wedding colors from your invitations to your wedding day cohesive with a color scheme. Using free tools, such as Canva, you’ll be able to color match your favorite colors from your invitations and use them throughout your wedding decor. Starting with classic art decor colors like rich jewel tones – emerald green, dark blues, deep purple, and ruby red. These can be added to a base of black and gold touches. Above all, whether you stick with a more traditional art deco palette or opt for something more earthy, with shades of yellow, to go with the gardens around, a color palette that reflects the elegance of the Art Deco period and the playfulness of the garden is bound to be timeless. 

Wedding Decor

Decorating a wedding with an Art Deco meets garden theme requires a delicate balance between the opulence of the 1920s and the natural beauty of the outdoors with rich decor! Here are some key decor elements to incorporate into your wedding to achieve a stunning fusion of styles:

art decor meets garden casual wedding
Elise Abigail Photo
  • Geometric Patterns: Embrace the iconic geometric designs of the Art Deco era in your decor. Use geometric-shaped vases, candle holders, and table settings. Consider incorporating Art Deco-inspired patterns in your wedding cake, linens, place cards, napkins, and invitations.
  • Vintage Accents: Look for vintage furniture or decor pieces that exude the charm of the 1920s. Art Deco-inspired furniture, such as plush velvet couches, mirrored coffee tables, massive chandeliers, and gold-framed mirrors, can add a touch of luxury to lounge areas and cocktail spaces. The bride may also want a antique brooches, bridal cap, fur capes (faux) for winter wedding, pearl beads, and deco patterns throughout her outfit to help solidify the style.
  • Gilded Glamour: Gold accents are quintessential to the Art Deco style. Certainly incorporate gilded elements into your decor, such as gold-rimmed glassware, gold-plated cutlery, and gold-foil table numbers.
  • Lush Floral Arrangements: Create extravagant floral arrangements with a mix of classic blooms and exotic flowers. Garden roses, orchids, and calla lilies are excellent choices to give you the garden-party feel. Add feather accents or strands of pearls to your bouquets and centerpieces for a vintage touch.
  • Art Deco Lighting: Illuminate your wedding with Art Deco-inspired lighting fixtures. Crystal chandeliers, pendant lights, and glamorous sconces can create a mesmerizing atmosphere during the evening reception.
  • Luxurious Drapery: Use luxurious drapes and fabrics to create an intimate and elegant ambiance. Velvet or silk drapes in rich colors can add a touch of romance and drama to your ceremony or reception space.
  • Vintage Signage: Incorporate vintage-inspired signage to direct guests and add to the theme’s overall charm. Use gold-framed chalkboards or mirrors, or other gold art with elegant calligraphy for seating charts and welcome signs. Include beautiful vintage signs on a whiskey bar to even add a speakeasy feel! 
  • Feather and Pearl Details: Art Deco fashion often included feathers and pearls. Incorporate feather details into your decor through feather centerpieces, bouquets, or as part of your bridal accessories. Share with your hair and makeup artist the theme for the wedding to help make sure they are prepared to have your vision come to life!  And you can also use pearl strands as part of your place settings for a subtle nod to the era.
  • Classic Art Deco Colors: Choose a color palette that reflects the elegance of the Art Deco period. Rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, deep purple, and ruby red can create a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere.
  • Jazz-inspired Entertainment: Enhance the experience with live jazz music or a band that can play tunes from the 1920s. The lively sounds of a saxophone, trumpet, and piano will transport guests to the Roaring Twenties.
  • Vintage Cars: Consider arranging for a classic Art Deco-era car to transport the couple or to use as a backdrop for photos. Vintage cars can add an extra touch of elegance and style to your wedding. Some couples feel that this gives an old-New York experience for the special day. 

Remember to strike a balance between the Art Deco elements and the natural beauty of the garden setting to create a cohesive and magical atmosphere. By combining these decor elements thoughtfully, your Art Deco meets garden wedding will be a timeless and enchanting celebration.

Must Have Photos

Make sure you keep a few extra wedding invitations on hand for your wedding day to allow your photographer an opportunity for flat lays. If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s just a fancy way to say that little details like invitations, rings, florals, and such are photographed on a flat surface to make sure those details and design elements are captured and remembered. 

Other moments to capture, you may not have thought of:

candid moments of laughter
Alyson Kay Photography
  • Playful touches like the movement of a dress
  • Couple and wedding party making drinks at the whiskey bar
  • Candid moments – allow your photographer or second shooter an opportunity to mingle around cocktail hour and the reception to capture authentic moments
  • Final private dance under candle light after guests have left
  • Artfully arranged food and drinks – these are rarely captured but are beautiful to look back on
  • Rings with momentos like wedding invites, brooches, ties, or shoes
  • Environment photos – capture the garden and decor all around before the guests arrive

Art Decor Meets Garden – A Wedding To Remember

While you continue your wedding planning journey, we hope this Art Decor Meets Garden wedding inspiration can help you create the wedding of your dreams. No matter the theme, the wedding day is a beautiful celebration of love and the beginning of a new adventure as a couple. It starts simply with an invitation and ends at a sweetheart table or on the dance floor – special occasions to love!

August 1, 2023

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