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A Real Outdoor Boho Wedding to Inspire You

Boho-chic, whimsical, and brimming with natural beauty – boho weddings are a celebration of free-spirited love. If you’re yearning for wedding inspiration that’s more wildflower meadow than formal ballroom, you’re in for a treat! We’re about to take you on a journey through a real outdoor boho wedding that will ignite your imagination and leave you swooning. From dreamy décor to earthy elegance, this bohemian celebration is a testament to the beauty of embracing the unconventional and dancing to the beat of your own tambourine. This wedding was planned in about 6 weeks and it came together so beautifully!

This features the wedding of Chloé & Justice from June 2023. Captured by Ally Jeppsen Photography.

The Venue: A Natural Oasis

Our boho love story begins in a hidden gem of an outdoor wedding venue, Juniper Gardens, a garden venue surrounded by cedar and towering oak trees. The entire wedding day was adorned with eclectic vintage pieces, and floral arrangements. The combination of nature’s splendor and carefully chosen decorations set the stage for an enchanting, boho style wedding. Chloé and Justice did things a bit differently and got the best of both worlds of a small wedding, with a small private ceremony, and then a large reception immediately following. They fully utilized the whole wedding day by having getting ready photos and first look photos before the ceremony too!

First Look

The first look was in front of the large stone fireplace. Minimal decor, just focused on a beautiful moment together. Choosing to have a first look on your wedding day is a personal decision, but it comes with several compelling reasons that can make it a wonderful choice for many couples. Firstly, a first look allows you to share an emotional and intimate moment in private before the ceremony, giving you a chance to connect, express your feelings, and ease any pre-wedding jitters. It’s also an opportunity for your photographer to capture your genuine reactions and emotions in a more controlled setting, resulting in beautiful, well-lit photos that will preserve the memory of that special moment. Additionally, a first look extends the amount of quality time you get to spend together on your big day, reducing stress and making the entire experience more relaxed and enjoyable. This private moment enhances your overall wedding day experience and ensures that you and your partner get to cherish those unique emotions before you say “I do.” However, it’s important to remember that every couple is different, and whether or not to have a first look should ultimately align with your personal preferences and the atmosphere you want to create on your wedding day.


Chloé and Justice opted for a private outdoor ceremony in the field under stunning oak trees with only 5 guests and an officiant to witness. This was a perfect setting for a more intimate ceremony while getting a natural look. It was just focused on the love the couple shares. Even walking into the ceremony together – hand-in-hand. From this spot, you can see an old barn and the sheep in the distance – natural elements that gave this a very earthy and relaxed experience. 


Leading into a large reception under the open-air pavilion, with all of their friends and family. While the pavilion protected the guests from the sun, it still had all the natural settings wrap around it with earthy tones. Design choices were kept simple and beautiful with bright fresh flowers in orange and red, and vintage pieces used throughout the boho wedding decorations. The brass candle sticks and crocheted table cloth were great choices! The boho touches were found throughout but with a modern twist!

This reception was extra unique because it included a quick and informal ceremony for their guests that didn’t join the private ceremony. It made for beautiful and unique moments, and live music too!

Other Photo Spots

Ally Jeppsen captured so many incredible photos of the big day throughout the property. The main reason couples opt for a first look is to maximize the photo opportunities and craft the flow of the wedding day. Chloé & Justice got time for photo opts throughout the day to take advantage of multiple locations and a variety of lighting styles. 

The Bridal Attire: A Gown Fit for a Bohemian Queen

The bride, the embodiment of bohemian elegance, stunned in an ethereal lace gown with natural makeup and tousled waves of red hair. Her choice of attire perfectly captured the essence of free-spirited romance. Boho wedding dresses come in so many variations now, and can often be found paired with a flower crown. Chloe is a good example that the flower crowns are optional but still giving off a whimsical, bohemian style. 

Wildflowers and Vintage Brass: Decor Elements that Dazzle

One couldn’t help but be entranced by the boho-chic décor. The crocheted table cloth on the sweetheart table, capturing the gentle breeze. Long banquet tables were adorned with wildflower centerpieces, mismatched vintage china, and macramé table runners, creating an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. The flower arrangements were the star of the show with bright pops of orange and red. As we see the pampas grass trend fade, the bright locally-grown flowers are quickly taking hold for a boho wedding theme. 

Food and Drinks: A Feast of Flavors

A boho wedding is all about celebrating life’s pleasures, and the reception was no exception. A local BBQ place catered an incredible feast. The cake was wrapped in fresh strawberries

Entertainment: Dancing Under the Stars

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the night came alive with live music and a dance floor illuminated by fairy lights. The newlyweds and their guests danced under the starry sky, creating unforgettable memories.

Ending the Night: Sparkler Grand Exit

While there is no requirement for an “exit” activity, this wedding did it well with long-lasting sparklers. This gave the couple opportunity to run through the sparklers twice, and the wedding party to dance through, getting the maximum photo opportunity. 

Recreate this Magic for Your Own Wedding

This real outdoor boho-themed wedding is a testament to the magic of embracing the unconventional. And this early summer wedding is a good example that this style and color palette isn’t restricted to a fall wedding. It’s a reminder that love is a wild, untamed force that can flourish in the most unexpected places. So, if you find yourself drawn to the bohemian lifestyle and are planning your own wedding, take inspiration from this real-life love story and let your free spirit shine. After all, in the world of boho-chic, there’s no such thing as too many wildflowers or too much love.

Our favorite boho wedding ideas are: outdoor wedding ceremony, lots of wildflowers in the floral centerpieces, vintage crochet & macrame, and a lounge area with a velvet sofa. With this wedding in particular, our favorite detail was the private ceremony. 

You can do this yourself – even with a short amount of time for planning! Focus on a few areas to give a bohemian feel – such as the altar and centerpieces but allow nature to take centerstage whenever possible. Small DIY projects like dreamcatchers and macrame may look great, if you have time, but shouldn’t be stressed otherwise. 

October 31, 2023

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