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Wedding Reader Gift Ideas: Adding Laughter and Love to Speeches!

Imagine the scene: the reception hall is abuzz with anticipation, the clinking of wine glasses, and the whispers of guests eagerly awaiting the next speech. Amidst all the excitement, you have a chance to surprise your wedding reader with a gift that will not only make them laugh but also remind them of their incredible performance. So, let’s dive into some hilariously heartwarming wedding reader gift ideas that will have everyone in stitches!”

wedding reader gift ideas

Weddings are joyous occasions filled with love, laughter, and some seriously questionable dance moves. While the focus is often on the happy couple, let’s not forget the unsung heroes of the day—the wedding readers! These brave souls step up to the mic and deliver heartfelt speeches, anecdotes, and even the occasional embarrassing story. To show our appreciation for their remarkable performances, we’ve compiled a list of wedding reader thoughtful gift ideas that are guaranteed to tickle their funny bone and be a bit more memorable than a gift card. Get ready for some laugh-out-loud moments and unforgettable memories! We have also included a few etiquette tips below for some great ideas to celebrate the newly married couple.

Wedding Reader Gift Ideas:

To make shopping easier, we have also added some Amazon affiliate links for some of the ideas shared below!

  1. Custom “Speech Hero” Cape: Give your wedding reader the recognition they deserve with a superhero-themed cape. Personalize it with their name and add a witty tagline like “The Avenger of Words” or “The Super Speaker.” This fun and quirky gift will not only make them feel like a hero but also provide plenty of photo opportunities for their future exploits. Different colors can be used for each of the readers 
  2. “Wordsmith Survival Kit”: Being a wedding reader can be nerve-wracking, so why not equip them with a “Wordsmith Survival Kit” to help calm their jitters? Fill a small box with items like a stress ball, breath mints (for those pre-speech jitters), a tiny notebook for last-minute inspiration, and a miniature bottle of their favorite spirits to help them toast their successful performance.
  3. “Speechify-Yourself” Bobblehead: Turn your wedding reader into a bobblehead superstar! Personalize a bobblehead figurine to resemble your reader, complete with a microphone and a speech bubble that says, “Speechify yourself!” This funny and endearing gift will surely bring a smile to their face and serve as a constant reminder of their speaking triumphs. 
  4. Quirky Bookmarks: For the literary-minded wedding reader, surprise them with a set of amusing bookmarks. Choose designs that reflect their personality, such as bookmarks shaped like speech bubbles, mini microphones, or even tiny mustaches to channel their inner orator. Whenever they open a book, they’ll be reminded of the cherished memories from your special day. Pair the bookmark with a coffee mug and your favorite local coffee beans to round out the gift for your avid reader and book lovers.
  5. “Toastmaster Trophy”: Give your wedding reader the ultimate recognition by presenting them with a tongue-in-cheek “Toastmaster Trophy.” This humorous award can be a small golden statue holding a microphone or a hilarious custom-made creation based on an inside joke. Engrave it with a witty message like “The Maestro of Mirthful Monologues” to celebrate their unforgettable performance.
  6. Silly Speech-Enhancing Props: Boost your wedding reader’s confidence and comedic timing with a selection of silly speech-enhancing props. From oversized eyeglasses and fake mustaches to whoopee cushions and inflatable microphones, these props will add an extra layer of hilarity to their delivery. Just make sure the couple approves of their use beforehand! While this may not be the most meaningful gift, it may help your reader loosen up and feel more comfortable in front of the crowd. 
  7. For female readers: A funny pair of earrings that play into the role or the wedding theme can be a fun way to gift the female wedding readers in a way that will be used again and again, and celebrate their wonderful service for the day. 

If a funny gift, isn’t fitting the vibe. You can honor your wedding reader with other useful gift such as a nice bottle of wine, cutting board, a stainless steel water bottle or wine holderspersonalized pocket watch, a gift certificate to a local shop (like a massage, favorite restaurant, or locally owned coffee shop!), or a handmade gift that speaks from the heart. 

Wedding Reader Etiquette

Wedding readers are often a line up of close family members, a best friend, maid of honor, best man, or other wedding party members, they may be ceremony readers or make toasts during the reception. If you are chosen as a wedding reader, it’s important to remember that you have been chosen for this special role because of your close relationship with the couple or your ability to express emotions eloquently. To ensure that you shine in this role, write from the heart, and use a few etiquette tips below:

Etiquette Tips:

  1. Prepare and practice: Take the time to carefully prepare your speech or reading. Practice it aloud to ensure a smooth and confident delivery of your special message. Familiarize yourself with the timing and pacing, allowing your words to resonate with the audience. Avoid reading from your phone, if possible, it can be distracting!
  2. Respect the couple’s wishes: Coordinate with the couple regarding the tone, content, and length of your speech or reading. Some couples prefer heartfelt and emotional speeches, while others may opt for a lighthearted and humorous approach. It’s essential to align your words with their vision for the ceremony or reception. While you may be close friends with a long list of inside jokes, select carefully to only include those jokes that are a great way to celebrate the couple, get some laughs, but without embarrassing anyone. 
  3. Keep it concise: While your role as a wedding reader is essential, it’s important to remember that there are other elements to the celebration. Aim for a speech or reading that is concise and to the point. Generally, a speech should be around 3-5 minutes, ensuring that it captivates the audience without becoming overly lengthy allowing time for several readers to speak to the newlywed couple. 
Wedding reader making the bride and groom laugh
Bride and groom enjoying wedding reader

4. Practice good delivery: Pay attention to your speaking skills and mannerisms. Maintain eye contact with the audience, speak clearly and audibly, and use appropriate pauses to allow your words to sink in. Remember, your delivery can greatly enhance the impact of your speech or reading.

5. Embrace emotions: Weddings are emotional affairs, and your speech or reading should reflect the joy, love, and support that surrounds the couple. Don’t be afraid to show genuine emotions and connect with the audience on a heartfelt level. However, be mindful of striking a balance between emotions and maintaining composure. You may want to draw inspiration from a special song and use song lyrics as part of the script as a starting point if you are struggling with how to start.

6. Engage the audience: Capture the attention of the audience through high quality storytelling, humor, or personal anecdotes. Find a way to make your speech relatable and inclusive, allowing everyone present to feel connected to the moment. These tips will take you the extra mile for these special occasions. 

By following these etiquette guidelines, you’ll ensure that your role as a wedding reader is not only executed flawlessly but also contributes to the overall joy and success of the celebration. Your words have the power to create lasting memories, leaving a beautiful and indelible mark on the couple’s special day.”

Wedding readers play a crucial role in making the big day even more memorable. By surprising them with funny and friendly gifts, we can show our appreciation for their brave and entertaining performances. Whether it’s a custom cape, a speechifying bobblehead, or a toastmaster trophy, these lighthearted gestures will leave them laughing and treasuring the memories they created. So, go ahead and let your creativity shine, and remember to have fun while celebrating the unsung heroes of the wedding day!

Photos in this post are by Alyson Kay Photography.

Listening to and laughing with wedding readers

July 6, 2023

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